Bidirectional Wallbox

The bidirectional wallbox is both effective and sustainable because it can charge the vehicle using renewable electricity and also feed this electricity back into the grid.

Using the bidirectional wallbox

Our bidirectional wallbox turns the electric vehicle into a mobile energy storage unit. As with the unidirectional wallbox, the vehicle can be charged. But the bidirectional wallbox also provides the option of feeding electricity from the vehicle back into the home or business. The car thereby works like a typical home storage unit that is charged via the photovoltaic system or from the grid. This energy can be fed back at any time to run consumers in the building. One beneficial way of using a bidirectional wallbox is to charge during the day when more solar energy is available than needed. After sunset, the energy stored in this way can be used or fed into the grid.

Customised features

We build your bidirectional wallbox to suit your requirements based on a specification or we create one for you with features that you specify. We provide the option of smart charging, which enables redispatch for energy suppliers and reactive power compensation as well as all relevant communication interfaces such as LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485 and more. We also offer all relevant communication protocols such as ISO 15118, DIN 70121, EEBus, OCPP 2.0 and more for trouble-free communication with the electric vehicle. Of course, you can have the bidirectional wallbox built as an AC or DC wallbox.

In addition to this range of functions, we also offer various design options that can be tailored to your individual preferences in terms of shape, colour and branding.

KOSTAL is part of the BDL research project

KOSTAL is a partner in the research project Bidirectional Charging Management (BDL). At the heart of this project lies the joint development of technological solutions for making electric mobility more convenient and more cost-effective for users and reducing emissions. KOSTAL is involved in developing, producing and providing wallboxes. Since 2021, KOSTAL has been testing the innovative bidirectional charging technology under real conditions using 50 BMW i3 electric vehicles. The BDL research project will run for three years and is being funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the responsibility of the German Aerospace Centre. The aim is to simultaneously promote the widest possible use of renewable energy and increase security of supply.

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