AC Wallbox

Powerful and flexible AC wallboxes that support your business – with German quality

Our AC wallbox delivers maximum flexibility. We offer a wide range of product features that you can freely design to suit your needs. Whatever the end product looks like, you get a high-quality product that can be used to charge electric vehicles efficiently and safely. We offer various functions that can be combined individually.

Wide range of features

Our AC wallboxes provide smart charging with inverter systems and stationary batteries. In addition, we meet all cybersecurity-related standards. Below you will find a selection of functions that we can implement on request. We manufacture our wallboxes according to specifications or can create one for you on request.

  • Energy metering for optimum charging strategy
  • Smart energy metering for compliant billing of charging processes
  • Communication interfaces include LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485
  •  IEC 61851-1, ISO 15118, EEBUS, OCPP 2.0 communication protocols
  • Metering and billing in compliance with billing regulations
  • Bidirectional or unidirectional

Fully flexible configuration

In addition to the technical equipment, you are also free to choose the appearance of the wallbox. With us, you get an unrivalled number of options for designing your individual wallbox to reflect your company. In addition to the free choice of colour and printing of the company name and logo, you can also specify the shape of the wallbox. From a classic shape to a design that emulates one of your products, we push the limits of what is technically possible to come as close as possible to your preferences. Feel free to tell us what you have in mind. Together we will find the ideal solution.

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We build to suit your preferences - get in touch today

Send us your no-obligation project enquiry now. We will develop and create a product to suit your preferences.                     

• Do you require single-phase or three-phase charging? 
• Do you need 11 or 22 kW? 
• Want smart energy metering? 
• Do you need to be able to invoice charging processes?

The location of the wallbox is also important.
• Will it be installed on a wall or a column? 
• Does it need to be weather-resistant?          

All of these and other factors are taken into account in the planning process, resulting in a customised wallbox the individual layout of which does not incur unnecessary costs.

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