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KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers you high-quality charging solutions, tailored precisely to your needs. As part of the KOSTAL Group, we – and therefore you – benefit from decades of experience in the automotive and photovoltaic sectors. In addition to German engineering, we offer all relevant and future-oriented technologies to create the right wallbox for you. You have the option of receiving the configurable charging electronics or a ready-for-use wallbox in the colour and shape of your choice. We offer highly flexible solutions for your project.

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Our DC wallbox:  
Tailor-made to your needs


Our DC wallbox is the right choice for charging electric vehicles as quickly as possible. As a DC wallbox, it is able to convert the alternating current straight into direct current and feed it into the vehicle battery. It supports the Combined Charging System (CCS) charging standard. You can also enjoy complete control of your charging processes using smart charging. Thanks to integrated LEDs, you can see all relevant charging information at a glance. With our DC wallbox, you can look to the future with peace of mind because its high performance will meet all the charging requirements of electric vehicles for years to come.

Thanks to the implementation of all relevant communication interfaces such as RFID, NFC and RS485 as well as the ISO 15118, DIN 70121, EEBus and OCPP 2.0.1 communication protocols, it can offer convenient functions such as plug and charge. In terms of data security, all requirements are met through the implementation of a variety of protocols.

Our AC wallbox:                                                      Individual charging solutions for your needs

The AC wallbox routes alternating current into the vehicle, which is converted into direct current by the onboard charger and fed into the vehicle battery. With our AC wallbox, you can determine the optimum charging strategy by metering energy. Thanks to this feature, you can also invoice charging processes in a compliant manner.

Like our DC wallbox, our AC wallbox offers all important communication interfaces and protocols, making it fully equipped for the future.

Of course, our AC wallboxes can also be configured according to your specifications. This applies to both the range of functions and the design. You specify the desired colour and shape. 


Bidirectional Wallbox

The bidirectional wallbox is a DC wallbox that allows you to feed direct current directly into the vehicle battery, but also to route energy from the vehicle to the home network (vehicle to home). In this case, the car acts as an energy storage unit that can be used as an energy source for the home. During bidirectional charging, the DC wallbox converts the direct current from the vehicle back into alternating current and makes it available for self-consumption in the home.

Our bidirectional wallbox matches our DC wallbox and so offers all the future-proof services that you are free to choose. In addition to branding and your choice of colour, you can also specify the shape of the wallbox. Choose from numerous possible options or tell us your desired shape. Depending on what is technically feasible, we can also manufacture wallboxes in the shape of one of your products, if desired.

Customised charging electronics

If you don't need a complete wallbox, just the electronics – no problem. We can provide our smart charge controllers and everything that goes with them so that you can build your own wallbox. Configure the charging electronics to suit your preferences and only pay for what you really need.

All the benefits of the wallboxes can also be found in the charging electronics if desired. So you can choose whether you want charging electronics for an AC or bidirectional DC wallbox. Choose the communication protocols you want, the power and more. Our developers incorporate decades of experience from the automotive and solar sectors into your product. Benefit from our technical expertise and culture of innovation. Contact us today for a quote.

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