AC Wallbox

Charging electronics – the heart of your wallbox production 

We supply you with customised charging electronics for a simple wallbox right through to bidirectional, smart charging solutions for your projects.  

The smart charge controller

The intelligence of an AC charging column or AC charging infrastructure is largely determined by the charge controller used. This controls and monitors the electric vehicle’s charging process. But it can do a lot more, including communication with a backend system and the associated authorisation of users as well as the efficient distribution of load currents with the aid of dynamic load management to avoid overloading the AC grid.

We offer high-quality charge controllers, which are available in various versions. Rely on our decades of experience in the photovoltaic and automotive sectors.

The right choice of communication protocols

Of course, our charging electronics offer all commonly used communication interfaces such as LAN, WLAN and RS485. They also feature Near Field Communication (NFC) and contactless data transfer based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This prevents unauthorised persons from using the wallbox, but also enables charging processes to be invoiced via the backend. In addition, we offer all relevant communication protocols that will also be standard in vehicles released over the coming years. These communication protocols include ISO 15118-20, OCPP 2.0.1, EEBUS and more. Contact us for advice and to discuss your requirements, with no obligation. 

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