Smart Charging Solutions

We enable you to create individual charging solutions to meet your specifications. Be a pioneer and work with us to design clever, future-oriented charging solutions for you and your customers! Our know-how, your brand!

Individual charging solutions for companies

Build your own charging system with KOSTAL Charging Solutions and rely on an innovative partner with 110 years of experience in automotive and industrial applications.

Innovation and USPs of KOSTAL Charging Solutions

Bidirectional charging

With bidirectional charging, you can charge the vehicle with electricity, but can also return any excess energy from the vehicle. This involves the direct current output by the vehicle being converted back into alternating current (AC). Thus, bidirectional charging enables both Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G), in which electricity is fed into the public grid, and Vehicle-2-Home (V2H), meaning that remaining energy is fed straight into the home electricity network.

Unidirectional charging

Unidirectional charging allows energy to flow from the power grid or home network into the vehicle. Examples of applications include the environmentally-aware family who use their self-generated electricity for home consumption as well as for charging their electric vehicle or charging points for public use provided by companies or local authorities, for example.

Driving forward the energy transition

KOSTAL Charging Solutions help you to think in a customer-oriented way and create new shopping experiences

Think customer-oriented

Impress your customers by creating a very special shopping and e-mobility experience. How? Offer your customers a parking space with a wallbox. While they are shopping, the customer’s vehicle charges surplus electricity into your grid, which you credit to the customer when they pay. Your customers save money and, like your company, are part of a future-oriented energy transition.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions create benefits for your company

Benefits for your company

Equip your parking spaces with charging options for your employees' electric vehicles, so you can offer them a cost-effective and practical benefit. In addition, give your company added value which is particularly sustainable and employee-friendly. Or offer your employees the option of feeding the electricity they produce at home into your grid in order to receive further benefits.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions enables you to reduce your own energy costs

Reduce own costs

Tap into all the possibilities that your photovoltaic system has to offer. In addition to feeding surplus energy into the power grid, you can also charge vehicles in your fleet or feed surplus energy from vehicles that are not in use back into your power grid. This means that the energy generated is constantly in flux and permits the most efficient use possible. For you and the environment!

Develop smart charging solutions individually with KOSTAL

Share your vision and requirements with us and we will work with you to design a strategy. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a charging solution for your own company or a business model for your customers.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions offer wallboxes as charging solutions in individual design for your company

Maximum flexibility

Choose a wallbox suitable for you from one of our suggestions or tell us what you have in mind for your future wallbox. KOSTAL Charging Solutions harmonises the desired design with the technical requirements and provides you with customised suggestions. Colour, shape, branding - the possibilities are endless.

Four steps to your wallbox

KOSTAL Charging Solutions Step 1: Design


Choose from one of the existing design proposals or describe to us how you envisage the finished product. Together we will find and implement the solution that suits you best.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions Step 2: Equipment


You decide what the wallbox should do. Do you need 11 kW or 22kW? Should it be bidirectional or unidirectional? Do you need RFID, NFC, WLAN or another technology?

KOSTAL Charging Solutions Step 3: Requirements specification


KOSTAL can look back on 100 years of experience as an automotive supplier. So creating specifications as well as developing products to meet specifications are part and parcel of what we do day in, day out.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions Step 4: Procedure


Regardless of whether you already have very specific ideas for your project or would like to have an initial talk about them without any preconceptions: Drop us a line! We will provide you with an offer or invite you to an initial meeting.

Charging solutions in use for:


Round off your offer and also allow customers to use your wallbox at home. The ideal business add-on for vehicle manufacturers, energy suppliers and many more.


Offer your employees genuine added value and show that your company is a pioneer in the energy transition.


Be one step ahead of your competition! Offer customers the opportunity to charge their vehicle at your site during their visit. They will thank you for it!


Do you have a large fleet of vehicles? We offer the right solution for car rental, car sharing, logistics companies, workshop chains, etc.

Ready to charge. Your business, our know-how!

The standard wallbox with convenient features. You decide what you need. We will be happy to advise and help you find a wallbox that is right for you!

Advantages of an AC wallbox from KOSTAL Charging Solutions

Advantages of the AC wallbox

  • Intelligent charging with inverter systems and stationary batteries
  • Energy metering for the optimum charging strategy
  • Smart energy measurement for compliant billing of charging processes
  • Communication interfaces LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485, etc.
  • Communication protocols IEC 61851-1, ISO15118, EEBUS, OCPP 2.0
  • Protection of vehicles and buildings against cyber attacks
  • Metering & Billing in compliance with billing regulations
Advantages of a DC wallbox from KOSTAL Charging Solutions

Advantages of the DC wallbox

  • PV integration with optimised self-consumption
  • Vehicle to Home (V2H)
  • Intelligent charging ('Smart Charging')
  • 'Peak Shaving' with local storage
  • Redispatch application available for energy suppliers
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Communication interfaces LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485, etc.
  • Communication protocols ISO15118, DIN70121, EEBus, OCPP2.0, etc.

Wallboxes @ Work

BDL research project with KOSTAL and BMW

“BDL” research project with KOSTAL and BMW

KOSTAL is a partner in the 'Bidirectional charging management - BDL’ research project. At the heart of this project lies the joint development of technological solutions for making electric mobility more convenient and more cost-effective for users and reducing emissions. KOSTAL is involved in developing, producing and providing wallboxes. Since 2021, KOSTAL has been testing the innovative bidirectional charging technology under real conditions using 50 BMW i3 electric vehicles.

The BDL research project will run for three years and is being funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the responsibility of the German Aerospace Centre. The project aims to promote using renewable energy as extensively as possible and to improve security of energy supplies, which it is hoped will be achieved by fully linking up vehicles, charging infrastructure and power grids.

We are more than a wallbox

KOSTAL Chargings Solutions is part of the KOSTAL Group

We are industrial natives.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions is part of the KOSTAL group of companies, which has a total annual turnover of approximately € 2.8 billion and employs 18,500 people worldwide. Founded in 1912, the company is both an innovation driver in the automotive sector and a specialist in the development and production of grid-connected power electronics (e.g. inverters and wallboxes), which communicate via networks. Learn more

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