Charging solutions for workshops

KOSTAL Charging Solutions is a manufacturer of charging solutions for workshops and specialises in the production of individualised wallboxes for the trade. KOSTAL supplies all areas of application: Home, Work, Retail, Fleet. KOSTAL implements your visions individually.  Power, equipment, colour and shape are freely selectable. 

For workshops, the electromobile change means a new additional dimension of business that needs to be optimally implemented.

Vehicles that are always ready for use are very important for automotive workshops. These can be their own vehicles that are loaned out to customers during services. Another bonus point and a real added value for customers is to get back a fully charged vehicle. Especially in times when a workshop equipped with wallboxes is not yet commonplace, this is a real competitive advantage. Last but not least, employees also have the chance to charge their vehicle conveniently.


New possibilities through bidirectional charging

Charging vehicles is only one option offered by KOSTAL Charging Solutions.

Charging solutions for workshops, used bidirectionally, can do much more. Because by feeding the car battery power back into the company grid, three things are possible and thus offer further economic advantages: It is possible to charge prioritised vehicles from other e-vehicles without buying additional grid power. The company's own electricity budget can also be supported by the energy reserves of the vehicle fleet and employee vehicles and thus become more independent of grid power. Alternatively, surplus battery power is fed into the public grid to receive a fee.

Therefore, an investment in charging solutions for workshops and their infrastructural establishment is worthwhile in any case.
If the charging infrastructure is embedded in a larger energy system with its own electricity-producing regenerative sources, such as a rooftop solar system with storage units, this increases the workshop's self-sufficiency in electricity while at the same time significantly reducing costs. This is because a large part of the daily electricity demand can be easily covered by the workshop's own renewable energy.

KOSTAL offers charging solutions for workshops in numerous variations

KOSTAL is your reliable partner here. Optimise your energy consumption with intelligent software, use our peak shaving function with local memory, choose the communication interfaces and protocols you need such as LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID or ISO15118, DIN70121 and many more.

Product features, functions and more are configured specifically to your requirements. This means we design according to specifications, if desired. The KOSTAL charging solution for workshops is reliable in its performance and application. It has a space-saving effect due to its compact design and can be mounted on the wall inside or outside. But of course we will also design an eye-catching version for you that will attract all eyes. Everything is possible.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Tell us about your plans and let us find the best and most suitable solution for you together. Put your trust in a company that can look back on a long history of success in the automotive sector with KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik and photovoltaics with KOSTAL Solar Electric.

We at KOSTAL Charging Solutions combine all the technical know-how and experience of these branches and promise you the highest quality standards and innovation made in Germany.

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