Charging solutions for supermarkets and department stores

Charging solutions for supermarkets and department stores

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops individual charging solutions for companies for use in the home, work, retail and fleet sectors. In doing so, we meet your specific and possibly exceptional requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design. In addition, you benefit from our close networking of the KOSTAL divisions Automotive Electrics, Solar Electrics and Charging Solutions. We have decades of experience in the automotive and solar energy sectors. 

Wallboxes for supermarkets and department stores - A great opportunity

The electromobile transformation brings attractive and rewarding investments for department stores and supermarkets. Because with the establishment of a charging infrastructure for customers, employees and your own vehicle fleet, a sustainable future with new revenue opportunities opens up for you. Charging solutions for supermarkets and hence  wallboxes offer customers the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Shopping, which is necessary anyway, thus enables convenient charging of the car. This possibility can be a decisive reason why a customer comes to your supermarket and does not shop at the competition. In addition, customers may also extend their stay in your supermarket and buy a little more than planned, which can have a revenue-increasing effect. Employees can also conveniently charge their cars during working hours, and smart charging management keeps company cars idle times to a minimum while maximizing utilization. The company's own vehicle fleet can even become an in-house power plant with bidirectional feed-in to the company grid through the electricity contained in the car batteries. Suppliers are also able to refuel their vehicles quickly, easily and conveniently while they are stationary, and then continue their route without stopping.

Individual charging solutions for supermarkets from KOSTAL Charging Solutions

In order to realize these benefits, various parameters come into focus, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers in an optimized manner. Individual charging solutions for supermarkets ensure efficient management and smart capping of peak loads when charging multiple electric vehicles and hybrid models simultaneously. This is served by highly efficient charging technology and equally powerful and intelligent connected peripherals, with fully transparent monitoring in all areas - from power recording, system modification to billing - for excellent cost-effectiveness.

In addition to the charging function, bi-directional use offers a further customer and operational benefit: the vehicle can feed energy back into your company's power grid via the wallbox. In this way, customers receive remuneration for feeding electricity into the company grid, which can be charged directly when paying at the checkout. This leads to greater in-house power resources, creating less need to access grid power. What's more, customers pay less money for their purchases, and the company receives low-cost renewable electricity for its own consumption in return.

Bidirectional charging and the benefits

The vehicle fleet also scores bi-directionally: Either feed the electricity back into the company's own grid or refuel prioritized vehicles and thus cover your own needs, or feed it into the public grid and receive an appropriate fee for it. If the wallbox infrastructure is embedded in a larger overall framework, e.g. by connecting it to its own electricity-producing photovoltaic system and other ecologically compatible generators, this reduces the use of grid electricity while at the same time significantly cutting costs.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions therefore offers the right answer for the successful start of supermarkets and department stores in electromobility: customized charging solutions that meet these individual requirements.

The charging solution for supermarkets and department stores is reliable in its performance and application. You alone determine the design of the wallbox. There are hardly any limits to shapes and colors. Get creative and have a wallbox made that perfectly reflects your supermarket chain.

In addition: The platform-controlled visualization of the charging processes and a direct online-based handling of the charging points and charging processes facilitate the processing. At the same time, the intelligent management at the charging points ensures that several electric vehicles are charged simultaneously in efficient energy management.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a comprehensive and individual service in planning, consulting and implementation. We look forward to your inquiry!

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