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KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops and implements individual charging solutions that are ideal for future-oriented real estate companies. KOSTAL meets your customer-specific requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design. KOSTAL Charging Solutions brings together the knowledge that has grown over decades in the fields of automotive electrics, industrial electrics and solar electric. KOSTAL stands for 110 years of the highest quality, innovation and standards. Made in Germany.

The electromobile transformation requires charging solutions for real estate companies and presents them with economic and technological challenges that need to be optimally implemented: A charging infrastructure for apartment buildings, business parks and residential complexes, whether for apartment buildings or condominium associations. Due to the paradigm shift towards e-mobility, building residents will expect to be able to charge their e-vehicles directly on site in the future. Get into the planning phase with us today and your tenants or flat owners will thank you.  

Bidirectional charging and the possibilities for real estate companies

Possible charging points are conceivable at various locations: On the parking spaces near the building, in the underground car park or the building's own multi-storey car park or carport. Reliable charging solutions at or in the residential property are becoming the decisive criterion for renting or acquiring a residential property. Charging points can be established in such a way that they are permanently assigned to individual parking spaces or a charging point sharing scheme is set up for the tenants/owners. 

Depending on the calculation, unidirectional charging solutions with 3.7 or 11 kW are just as possible as fast-charging stations with a bidirectional usage function, in which very fast charging is possible and electricity from the car battery can even be fed back into the house grid. This makes the investment in infrastructure and wall charging stations a worthwhile purchase in any case, because the return on investment can be achieved quickly and the costs for the conversion are not particularly significant. 

Instead, the immense plus points of charging solutions for real estate companies shine through: The utility value of the property increases, and intelligent load management allows several charging points to be operated with limited power.

Unidirectional wallboxes enable a profitable use of energy, because once the demand of the prioritised vehicles is covered, other e-vehicles, including external ones, can be refuelled during idle times.

If the wallboxes are used in a bidirectional function, additional efficient factors for sustainable, cost-reducing and even revenue-generating operation arise beyond the charging of the vehicles. Because by feeding the electricity in the car batteries back into the building's own grid, tenants or flat owners receive compensation on their electricity bills. The building's electricity resources are thus increased from sustainable sources and there is no need to constantly fall back on electricity from the utility. Peak loads are capped and surplus electricity, which is fed back into the public grid in the sense of electricity trading, earns the real estate company a fee.

Real estate companies that connect their charging infrastructure to a power-generating source system consisting of their own solar power system and other renewable sources such as wind, CHP or fuel cells can become far more independent of the energy supplier and, by feeding the power into the public grid, manage the electricity in a way that generates income through remuneration.

Various parameters play a role in the realisation of charging solutions for real estate companies, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers optimised.

The charging solution for real estate companies is reliable in its performance and application, saves space thanks to its compact design and can be installed both indoors and outdoors thanks to its robust construction. The charging solution shows the charging status at all times via the clear display. In addition, the wallbox has all relevant communication interfaces such as RFID card, PIN, QR code, etc.

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a wallbox specially configured for real estate companies, which can be manufactured on request as a white-label solution with the company logo, the in-house CI colours and a unique housing design. Enjoy maximum flexibility when it comes to communication interfaces and communication protocols. 

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