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KOSTAL. A 110-year success story from Germany, where tradition meets innovation and high-end. The KOSTAL Charging Solutions division offers individual charging solutions with the technology of tomorrow, such as bidirectional charging. Charging solutions for municipalities help to achieve the paradigm shift from the combustion engine to e-mobility. 

The electromobile transformation is helping municipal public institutions to develop new sustainable mobility strategies. Electricity is becoming a key resource that makes people mobile and at the same time poses immense challenges. Powerful high technology and smart system design are needed to meet these demands. More concretely: Adequate charging solutions with the corresponding scalable infrastructure are needed.

The need is multifaceted: public institutions want to charge electrically powered visitor, customer and employee vehicles and the vehicle fleet quickly, safely, reliably and easily. During opening hours, overnight or around the clock. The focus here is on open-air parking spaces, carports, underground garages and rented parking spaces in multi-storey car parks.

If it is only a matter of charging, i.e. the charging solution operates in a unidirectional function, the following questions, among others, are of utmost importance: What power level is required and in what time should the charging processes be carried out? How many charging points are required? 

Bidirectional charging - the future is today

In addition, bidirectional charging offers the possibility of feeding electricity from the car batteries back into one's own company or public grid. This makes it possible to monetise the surplus regenerative electricity in the sense of energy trading or to increase the operational consumption self-sufficiency, since less freshly produced electricity from the energy supplier has to be used due to the electricity fed back into the grid. At the same time, grid fluctuations are balanced out or peak loads are capped. Charging solutions for municipalities offer another opportunity to use electricity in a sustainable way that reduces operating costs: In their own production of electricity from renewable sources, e.g. rooftop solar systems with storage units, wind turbines, combined heat and power plants or fuel cells, the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles can be integrated into the overall system and managed smartly. This increases the power reserves for time-delayed consumption and the charging management is simultaneously optimised by control components.

We offer you the right wallbox, configured precisely to your needs, as well as expert advice if required.

We ensure that your project is scalable and that charging points are optimally established. The charging solutions are configured in such a way that the heterogeneous demand is satisfied in an outstanding manner. We provide all the necessary communication interfaces and protocols.

In addition, smart energy metering for compliant billing of charging processes enables. Charging and discharging processes are convenient and easy: loads are automatically balanced, excess capacities are used profitably, and payment processes are handled in a billing-compliant manner thanks to our metering and billing options. Unloading processes are made possible by bidirectional charging: KOSTAL plays a pioneering role here. KOSTAL is part of a research project sponsored by the German Aerospace Centre. In cooperation with BMW, among others, KOSTAL has been testing this technology since 2021 with great success. 

The KOSTAL charging solution for municipalities is very reliable, extremely durable and extremely safe in performance and application. Its compact design saves space and its robust construction means it can be installed indoors and outdoors. The charging solution shows the current charging status at all times via online monitoring and the quick-to-read display. It is easy and intuitive to operate.

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a specially pre-configured charging solution for municipalities. On request, however, we can also produce the charging solution for you as a white label with logo, specified colours and a customised housing design.

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