Charging solutions for municipal utilities

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops and produces individual charging solutions for trade, industry, commerce and fleet operation. In doing so, we implement your special requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design. KOSTAL has been in existence for 110 years and has gained valuable experience in the automotive and photovoltaic sectors. This experience flows in distilled form into KOSTAL Charging Solutions, which combines expertise and of course the highest quality standards and offers charging solutions for municipal utilities as well as general charging solutions for commerce.

Wallboxes as a further service offered by municipal utilities

The energy transition is bringing about an electromobile change and this is creating an additional range of services for municipal utilities and energy suppliers. Electricity is becoming a key resource that makes people mobile and at the same time brings with it immense challenges that need to be met through high-performance high technology and smart system design. Many adequate e-charging solutions with the corresponding infrastructure are needed to meet these demands.

The demand is multi-layered: all economic sectors need individually configured, electromobile service offers: Private households would like to charge their e-vehicles with electricity at home-based or public charging points, commercial enterprises, trade and industry need a charging infrastructure with scalable charging points on company premises or rented land. Public charging points and vehicle fleet operators want to get back on the road after rapid or overnight charging.

Opportunities of bidirectional charging

In addition, energy suppliers have a vested interest in charging solutions beyond the service: Electromobile visitors, the in-house fleet and employee vehicles want to be supplied with electricity just as quickly and efficiently. In addition, your customers and also your company have the opportunity to use the bidirectional function of the wallbox to feed back electricity from the vehicle that is not currently needed. This offers the opportunity to monetise the surplus renewable electricity in terms of energy trading or increased self-sufficiency in consumption, as less freshly produced electricity has to be used due to the reserves. At the same time, grid fluctuations are balanced out, peak loads are capped and energy availability is sustainably increased.

KOSTAL offers wallboxes with a wide range of possible communication interfaces and protocols, so that you are always at the cutting edge with a wallbox from KOSTAL. But the individual design of the wallbox is not limited to functions. The wallbox can also be designed according to your own ideas, both in terms of shape and colour. 

The KOSTAL charging solution for municipal utilities and energy supply companies includes not only a customised wallbox but also comprehensive advice. The wallbox is reliable, durable and safe in its performance and application. KOSTAL is a traditional German company and committed to the highest standards.

Contact us and find out to what extent our charging solutions for municipal utilities and energy providers can also offer you opportunities and be an elementary component of your future strategy. We look forward to your enquiry!

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