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KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops, produces and sells individual charging solutions for a wide range of applications: Private households, commercial, industrial, retail and fleet operations. KOSTAL meets your customer-specific requirements in every respect: performance, equipment and design, created according to your needs and your ideas.

Perfect charging solutions for transport and logistics companies

The electrification of transport and commercial vehicles is advancing rapidly. In the future, things will be clean, quiet and CO2-free, whether on the highways or in local and factory traffic. This protects the environment, is sustainable and highly efficient. With a fully electric vehicle fleet, operating costs can be reduced and cash can be earned.

This e-mobility trend is ushering in a new dimension in transportation and logistics. Tours are being completed in a more ecologically compatible, efficient and comfortable way. With the help of high-performance, intelligent charging solutions for logistic companies and a highly efficient charging infrastructure, your vehicle fleet is ready for action around the clock. At the same time, new revenue opportunities arise for you beyond deliveries.

You need different charging solutions for charging cycles of different lengths: fast chargers for vehicles that go back on the road with fresh cargo after a short stopover while normal chargers for cars can be charged overnight. This includes company cars and employee vehicles. 

The future begins today - bidirectional charging offers unimagined possibilities

With bidirectional wallbox use, the energy available in the vehicles can even be used efficiently in two senses: either the electricity is fed back into the company's own network, thus covering its own needs, or it is fed into the public network, resulting in corresponding charges.

Because of this flexible system, the charging points set up on the company premises or at specially established charging stations need to be scalable and intelligently managed and administered. Indispensable here: precise data collection of all charging processes in order to guarantee fleet management a precise overview and control at all times.

For these requirements, various effective variables are indispensable, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers in a custom-fit manner. Efficient management of charging processes avoids peak loads when several vehicles are charged simultaneously. Integrated charging management keeps fleet downtimes low with the highest possible utilization.

Beyond the highly efficient charging technology, detailed transparent monitoring in all areas guarantees the efficiency of the charging processes. It covers everything from performance recording and system operations to billing and payment.

In addition, it is possible to integrate the described charging solution for logistic companies into an overall energy concept. So anyone who generates their own electricity on their roof surfaces with a photovoltaic system or possibly uses other regenerative energy sources can become a largely grid-independent self-supplier holistically with KOSTAL products.

We have the right answers for transport and logistics companies

For your perfect start in electromobility, KOSTAL Charging Solutions therefore offers custom-fit applications: Customized charging solutions that meet these individual requirements.
The charging solution for transport and logistics companies is characterized by reliability in performance and application. It saves space thanks to its compact design and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a standard with the charging station specially developed for transport and logistics companies, which can also be produced on request as a white label solution with the company logo, in-house CI colors and a specially coordinated housing design. In addition, we offer more than just up-to-date technology, such as communication interfaces LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485, LTE and more. Just contact us for a first, non-binding exchange.

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