Charging solutions for leasing companies that electrify

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops, produces and sells individual charging solutions for a wide range of applications: home, work, retail and fleet. KOSTAL fulfils your customer-specific requirements. Performance, equipment and design are configured entirely according to your ideas. KOSTAL is an innovative company with decades of tradition and, with more than two million onboard chargers sold, is already an integral part of electromobility. 

Charging solutions and customisable wallboxes for leasing companies

The electrification of automobiles is growing rapidly. Sustainably produced and used energy is thus becoming a key resource. 

This electromobile transformation offers leasing companies the opportunity to operate in a more ecologically compatible, efficient, comfortable and customer-oriented manner. Here, powerful, safe and reliable charging solutions in an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure realise your operational flexibility and activity. 

The focus is on leased e-vehicles, the in-house electric vehicle fleet and fully electric or hybrid employee vehicles. They should be able to be charged quickly and reliably around the clock. For test drives, before deliveries, after vehicle returns, before and after business trips or simply as a convenient service for staff during working hours. This requires intelligent energy management and highly efficient administration of the correspondingly scalable charging points. On the company premises, in the rented underground car park or in the reserved spaces in the nearby multi-storey car park.

Indispensable here: the most accurate data collection on all charging processes to ensure a precise and detailed overview and control at all times. 

The charging solution should also be flexible. In unidirectional mode, this means that the vehicles should be ready for use again quickly. In bidirectional mode, on the other hand, fleet and employee vehicles can increase the company's own electricity resources by feeding the energy from the vehicle batteries back into the in-house grid, thus cost-effectively covering the company's own consumption. This has an enormous cost-saving and energy-autonomous effect at the same time. 

In order to meet these requirements, different effective variables are indispensable, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions takes into account. The individual charging solution for leasing companies ensures efficient management and intelligently caps peak loads when charging several electric vehicles. The integrated intelligent charging management also keeps fleet downtimes low with the highest possible utilization. 

Individual charging solutions for your needs

In addition to the highly efficient charging technology, KOSTAL offers the appropriate interfaces and system openness that enable all processes from billing to payment.  

If desired, all relevant data can also be viewed locally on the display. 

Another highlight: those who embed their charging solutions in a regenerative, self-generating overall system, such as a photovoltaic system and other environmentally friendly energy sources, can further save on operating costs and at the same time become more independent of the grid. The self-produced green electricity thus becomes the energy that powers leased vehicles, the vehicle fleet and the employees' cars, covers the building's own further consumption or flows back into the public power grid of the energy supplier as a monetised surplus. 

KOSTAL Charging Solutions provides customised solutions for your perfect start in electromobility: Customised wallboxes in function and design as well as production according to specifications that meet these individual requirements. 

The charging solution for leasing companies is characterised by the highest reliability in performance and application.  

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a standard with the wallbox specially developed for leasing companies, which is also manufactured as a white label solution with the company logo, in-house CI colours and a matching housing design. All relevant communication interfaces and protocols are included in our scope of services, as well as project-related consulting, if desired. 

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