Charging solutions for hotels and the catering industry

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops individual charging solutions for hotels and the catering industry. We fulfil your customer-specific requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design. Benefit from our experience in the automotive and PV sectors, which has grown continuously over decades. So with every product, you get the expertise and innovative spirit of a traditional German company.

The advantages of charging solutions for hotels and the catering industry

The electromobile transition offers you the opportunity to be a pioneer in equipping your hotel chain with wallboxes and thus gain a competitive advantage. Because it is highly convenient for your guests to know that they will find a fully charged car in the morning to explore the area or to start their journey home. 

Install our wallboxes on parking spaces close to the building, in the underground car park or the company's own multi-storey car park. In addition to your core business, wallboxes in an appropriate charging infrastructure become another attractive service that cleverly generates new customers via a listing app. At the same time, you can find beneficial answers for your employees or your own fleet. Employees can charge their electric cars at work instead of at home or at public charging points. In addition, the vehicle fleet can be charged electrically around the clock and is always ready for use. For suppliers, this means quickly charging the vehicle during the handover of goods and processing in order to continue the tour with fresh energy. Because even a charging process of just fifteen minutes is worthwhile. In this way, wallboxes in an infrastructure specially designed for hotels and restaurants meet the needs of different target groups, creating sustainable added value.

Bidirectional charging solutions for hotels

Bidirectional wallboxes are one of the most promising innovations in e-mobility. Here, the direct current supplied by the vehicle is converted back into alternating current (AC). Thus, bidirectional charging enables both Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-2-Home (V2H). In the case of V2G, electricity is fed into the public grid, while in the case of V2H, remaining energy is returned to your grid. In both cases, a monetary incentive is created for your customers. They can then reuse the electricity themselves or feed it into the grid for a profit.

Of course, we also offer unidirectional wallboxes for efficient charging of the e-vehicles parked at your premises.

Our DC wallbox

Our DC wallbox has its finger on the pulse and is fully comprehensive in terms of function and performance. Of course, you can individually select the desired functions as you wish. The wallbox enables optimised self-consumption and offers intelligent charging as well as peak shaving with local storage. Also possible: the Redispatch application for the energy supplier. In addition, it has the capability of reactive power compensation, i.e. the reduction or targeted control of reactive power in a power grid. 

We are also broadly positioned in terms of communication interfaces and protocols. The possible functions we offer include LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485 as well as ISO15118, DIN70121, EEBus and more.

Our AC wallbox

All the mentioned interfaces and protocols of the DC-Wallbox can also be implemented in the AC-Wallbox. Furthermore, the AC Wallbox offers intelligent charging, energy measurement for the perfect charging strategy and billing-compliant metering and billing.

The KOSTAL charging solution for hotels and the catering industry is therefore a combination of consulting (if desired), production according to specifications (or we create specifications for you) and the production of a freely configurable wallbox. Do you want a specific colour or shape? Should the wallbox be large and eye-catching? Or should it be as space-saving as possible? No matter what the wallbox will look like in the end: Thanks to its robust design, it can be installed indoors and outdoors. 

Does that sound interesting? Then we would be happy to learn more about your project in order to discuss the best possible solution for you. Don't hesitate and contact us today without obligation.

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