Charging solutions for garden centres

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops individual charging solutions for use in the commercial, industrial, retail and fleet sectors. In doing so, we meet customer-specific requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design. KOSTAL has a long company history, which has always been characterised by innovation and the highest quality "made in Germany". Every second car is equipped with our products. Benefit from our experience in the automotive and solar sectors and trust our expertise. The electromobile transformation opens up new energy management possibilities for garden centres, which makes an investment in charging solutions worthwhile. 

Added value for garden centre customers and employees

Charging facilities in the customer parking area increase the length of stay, resulting in a potentially higher turnover. Charging the car electrically at charging points while shopping thus leads to added value on both sides: for the customers and for the supplier. In addition to the charging function, a bidirectional wallbox offers another customer-oriented advantage: with the customer's consent, the vehicle can feed electricity back into the garden centre's power grid via the wallbox. Customers thus receive remuneration for the electricity they feed from the vehicle into the company grid, which can be charged directly when paying at the checkout. This leads to greater in-house electricity resources and creates less need to access grid electricity. And: customers pay less money for their purchases, and in return the garden centre receives inexpensive renewable electricity for its own consumption. 

At the same time, establishing a charging station infrastructure for employee vehicles is profitable. This gives your staff the opportunity to charge their vehicles conveniently and inexpensively from your electricity capacities during working hours, instead of having to do it at home. Electric company vehicles can also be charged conveniently and cost-effectively. Give your company the image of a "green" company. 

In the course of bidirectional wallbox use, the electricity available in the vehicles can even be used efficiently in two senses: either the electricity is fed back into the company's own grid and thus covers its own needs, or it is fed into the public grid, resulting in corresponding charges. If the wallbox infrastructure is embedded in a larger overall framework, e.g. by connecting it to a company's own electricity-producing photovoltaic system and other ecologically compatible generators, such as wind turbines, combined heat and power plants or fuel cells, this reduces the use of grid electricity while at the same time significantly reducing costs. 

Innovations for the future - Wallboxes with high-end functions 

KOSTAL Charging Solutions (Hyperlink auf  has the right functions up its sleeve for every requirement and offers communication interfaces such as LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, LTE, RS485 and others. In addition, various communication protocols can be implemented such as ISO15118, DIN70121, EEBus, OCPP2.0.1, etc.  

KOSTAL is your partner for charging solutions for garden centres

KOSTAL proves to be your reliable partner. A powerful and cleverly arranged wallbox infrastructure including smart and transparent management as well as real-time monitoring, from power recording and system operation to exact billing, implements your requirements appropriately and individually. 

In consulting, planning and implementation, also according to specifications, the service from KOSTAL Charging Solutions is comprehensive and perfectly tailored to you. You can rely on over 100 years of experience and expertise. 

We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to advise you!

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