Charging solutions for furniture stores

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops and implements individual charging solutions for commercial customers for the trade, fleet operators, home use and for companies that want to equip their branches with wallboxes. This also includes charging solutions for furniture stores. We fulfil your customer-specific requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design. We are part of the KOSTAL Group and therefore share the KOSTAL DNA, which has been producing the highest quality and innovation for over one hundred years. Work with us and you will not only receive a custom-fit charging solution for your furniture stores, but also quality "made in Germany".

E-mobility and opportunities through charging solutions for furniture stores

The e-mobility trend offers a multitude of opportunities for furniture stores to handle the resource of electricity in a more ecologically compatible, efficient, convenient and customer-oriented way. With the help of powerful and cleverly operating wallboxes and an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure, new sales opportunities arise for you.

In the field of vision: the customer parking areas, the parking spaces for employees and the areas for the vehicle fleet and deliveries. When customers visit your furniture store to shop or are simply looking for a quick wallbox to refuel, your e-charging station offers a welcome opportunity to shop in a relaxed atmosphere and recharge the vehicle at the same time. This extends the time customers spend at the station and creates a powerful pull to attract new customers.

There are apps that show where there are recharging opportunities for drivers. Become visible in the apps and use the establishment of a charging solution for furniture stores for visibility in the app and a clear competitive advantage.

But it's not just customers who benefit from using a wallbox on your premises. With your wallbox infrastructure, employees are also able to conveniently charge their vehicle during working hours and save themselves the use of the home charging station or a public charging point.

The in-house vehicle fleet can be flexibly charged with electricity around the clock and is thus always ready for every business trip and delivery. Suppliers enjoy the convenience of being able to fill up the transport vehicle with fresh energy from your wallboxes while they are still there to unload their freight, so that they can then continue their routes without any further stops.

For all these requirements, various parameters play an important role, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers optimised. The individual charging solution ensures efficient management and cleverly caps peak loads when charging several electric vehicles and hybrid models simultaneously. Thanks to intelligent charging management inherent in the system, the idle times of the fleet are low. And this with the highest possible utilisation. The bidirectionality as a wallbox function opens up advantages for both customers and the company, as electricity can be fed back from the vehicles into the company's power grid in this way. The effect: customers receive compensation that can be charged right at the checkout. Employee vehicles and the vehicle fleet increase the company's own electricity resources - sustainably and cost-effectively in the sense of a small green power plant.

In addition to the highly efficient charging technology, a sophisticated metering and billing system enables billing. Charging solutions for furniture stores can score further perfect points: Those who generate their own electricity on their roofs via photovoltaics, possibly using other regenerative energy sources, can become grid-independent and efficient green power self-suppliers through a highly efficient system solution with KOSTAL, which cleverly integrates charging stations into the power circuit and thus saves on operating costs.
For your perfect start in electromobility, KOSTAL Charging Solutions therefore offers exactly the right answer: customised charging solutions that meet these individual requirements.

The charging solution for furniture stores is reliable in performance and application, saves space thanks to its compact design and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a standard with the charging station specially developed for furniture stores, which can also be manufactured on request as a white label solution with the company logo, in-house CI colours and a matching housing design.

In addition to the individual wallbox, we offer support in planning and are happy to advise you. We look forward to your enquiry!

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