Charging solutions for fleet operators

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops and implements individual charging solutions for a wide range of commercial applications. KOSTAL meets your customer-specific requirements in every respect. We adapt performance, equipment and design to your individual needs. In addition, you benefit from the close cooperation between our KOSTAL divisions Automotive Electric, Solar Electric and Charging Solutions. KOSTAL has existed for over 100 years and looks back on a history full of innovation and technological excellence. When you buy wallboxes from KOSTAL Charging Solutions, you get more than wallboxes. You also get decades of expertise from the automotive and photovoltaic sectors distilled into a product that is customised to your needs. 

Wallboxes for fleet operators open up new opportunities

Through charging solutions for fleet operators, the e-mobility trend brings a considerable number of opportunities to handle electricity as a resource in a more ecologically compatible, efficient, convenient and customer-oriented way. With the help of powerful and smartly operating wallboxes and an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure, new revenue opportunities are created for you.

The focus here is on fast and reliable charging of the vehicle fleet and employee vehicles around the clock, intelligently managed and administered via appropriately scalable charging points. KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers wallboxes perfectly tailored to your needs as part of your infrastructure. With the wallboxes, the parking spaces and garage car parks on the company premises become flexible electricity charging stations that keep your vehicle fleet optimally ready for use and available. 

Indispensable here: precise data collection of all charging processes to ensure overview and control for the driving and fleet management personnel at all times.

Bidirectional charging - the future is today

In unidirectional mode, our wallboxes enable flexible and powerful charging of vehicles. In bidirectional mode, the vehicle fleet can be monetised by feeding acutely surplus regenerative electricity back into the grid and enabling a charge to be made for it. Or the energy can be fed into the company grid during idle times of the vehicles for greater independence from the grid power of the utility company, as the e-vehicles act like a small power plant. This has an enormous cost-saving effect.

KOSTAL offers all relevant communication interfaces and protocols. In addition, we manufacture according to specifications and/or create one for you.

Those who generate their own electricity on their roof surfaces via photovoltaics, possibly using other regenerative energy sources, can become grid-independent and efficient green power self-suppliers through a highly efficient system solution with KOSTAL, cleverly integrating charging stations into their own power circuit and thus saving on operating costs. The self-produced solar power thus becomes the energy that powers your own vehicle fleet.

For your perfect start in electromobility, KOSTAL Charging Solutions therefore offers exactly the right answer: customised charging solutions that meet these individual requirements.

The charging solution for fleet operators is reliable in terms of performance and application, saves space thanks to its compact design and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers a standard with the charging station specially developed for fleet operators, which can also be manufactured on request as a white label solution with company logo, in-house CI colours and a matching housing design.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation and let us convince you of the possibilities of charging with our charging solutions for fleet operators.

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