Comprehensive charging solutions for fitness studios

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops individually designed charging solutions for gyms and the B2B sector in general (Home, Teail, Work, Fleet). Design and function are customisable and can be designed to perfectly reflect your gym. Why not a wallbox in dumbbell design with all the functions and interfaces you need?

The electromobile transformation is unfolding new possibilities for energy management through charging solutions for fitness studios, which make an investment worthwhile in many respects. For fitness studios, the focus is particularly on customer and employee parking areas.

Wallboxes in the parking area can contribute to customers choosing your chain. This saves your customers time and effort, because they can efficiently combine two useful things instead of just waiting for their vehicle to charge at a charging point. Exercising, relaxing and socialising while the car is being refuelled at the charging point - that's sporty and smart at the same time. It creates added value that is reflected in higher customer loyalty. Be a pioneer and use this unique selling point for yourself.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions Bidirectional wallboxes offer further advantages

With bidirectional wallbox use, there is another advantage that is both close to the customer and close to the business: a customer's or employee's vehicle can feed electricity back into the business power grid via the wallbox. In this way, customers receive remuneration for the electricity they feed from their vehicle into the company grid, which is directly linked to the This can be of a financial nature or perhaps you offer special services that can be paid for with electricity. Here you can give free rein to your customer-binding creativity. This leads to greater in-house electricity capacity and creates less need to use grid electricity. And: customers pay less money for training, courses, wellness, hospitality or other services, while in return your gym receives inexpensive renewable electricity for its own consumption. Furthermore, employees can charge their cars during working hours and do not have to do this at home or at public charging points.

Charging solutions for fitness studios are also interesting for keeping electric company vehicles, as these become extremely attractive due to the tax benefits and convenient refuelling at the workplace, creating benefits for employees and the company. With bidirectional wallbox use, the electric vehicle fleet can also function as a large electricity storage unit and feed electricity not currently required from the car batteries back into the company grid. This makes the most efficient use of available electricity reserves. Alternatively, it can also be fed into the public grid, whereby - depending on the amount of electricity - corresponding charges are possible.

Integrated into a larger overall framework, e.g. by connecting to one's own solar power system and other ecologically compatible generators, such as a wind turbine, combined heat and power unit or fuel cell, wallbox operation reduces the use of grid electricity from the utility companies while at the same time significantly reducing costs.

The perfect charging solution for fitness studios - be at the cutting edge of technology

KOSTAL is your reliable partner when starting out in electromobility. We will create a powerful and cleverly arranged wallbox in colour and shape according to your CI specifications paired with functions that you need. 

We will be happy to provide you with all-round advice and expertise from decades of experience. At KOSTAL, we look back on a history of over 100 years full of innovation and the highest quality. Made in Germany. We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to advise you!

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