Future-proof charging solutions for fast-food restaurants

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops individual charging solutions for the commercial sector. We fulfil all your customer-specific requirements in terms of performance, equipment and design.

The electromobile transformation offers new opportunities to combine sustainability with high economic efficiency, which is why charging solutions for quick service restaurants are extremely exciting. Thanks to an intelligent charging infrastructure, fast food chains can generate new revenue opportunities while reducing operating costs.

Customisable wallboxes for your fast food restaurant or chain

Equip your customer and employee parking areas with fast charging points. This way, your customers and employees can conveniently charge their vehicles while visiting the restaurant. Furthermore: Customers of e-vehicles definitely use apps that companies offer with charging solutions. Set yourself apart from your competitors. Perhaps the charging option is the deciding factor that leads potential customers to your restaurant instead of that of your competitor. In addition, you show particular interest in satisfied customers and offer something extra for your employees, so that you can also present yourself as an interesting and progressive employer. Because by the time the well-earned end of the working day comes, your own e-electric vehicle is fully fuelled and even half an hour spent with customers provides plenty of range for the car battery. Charging solutions for quick service restaurants can therefore support your business in the long term and polish up your image as an employer.

Various system solutions are required for implementation, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions optimally realises for you. We develop, establish and support individual charging solutions on behalf of our customers, which are specially tailored to your requirements. D We offer different features. These include the communication interfaces LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485 and others or the communication protocols IEC 61851-1, ISO15118, EEBUS, OCPP 2.0. 

KOSTAL also offers you an individual design, highly efficient charging technology and project-accompanying expert advice. 

Customised charging solutions: Individualised wallboxes, custom-fit for your company

The KOSTAL charging solution for fast-food restaurants is reliable in its performance and application. If desired, the appearance of the wallbox can be completely customised to the brand and its product, for example in the form of a sandwich, burger or a bowl of French fries. One of the exciting features of the charging solution here: The unit shows the charging status via the clearly visualising display (if desired).

The platform-controlled visualisation of the charging processes and a direct, online-based handling of the charging points and charging processes simplify the processes for the operator. Customer vehicles, employee vehicles and the company's own fleet can be operated. For staff and company cars, the intelligent management at the charging points ensures that several electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously in efficient energy management. This increases availability and offers the opportunity for prioritisation. Billing-compliant metering and billing are also possible.

In bidirectional application, there are further efficient utilisation options:

Because it is possible in this mode of operation for customer vehicles, employee cars and the fleet to feed electricity back from the car batteries into the in-house or public grid and receive a credit or discount on the purchase in return. The benefits of this are clear to see: Customers pay less for their food, employees supply their own company with renewable electricity and thus help to balance peak loads and create larger electricity reserves for ongoing operations. Or the vehicle fleet acts like a networked power plant that either brings in fees by feeding electricity into the grid or boosts the company's electricity resources.

The holistic attraction of charging solutions for fast food chains: Those who generate their own electricity on their roofs via photovoltaics and possibly use other renewable energy sources can become grid-independent and efficient green power self-suppliers through a highly efficient system solution with KOSTAL.
Of course, we implement the necessary software to ensure metering and billing in conformity with the billing system.

Planning, consulting and implementation of your desired wallbox - KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers you a customised comprehensive charging solution for quick service restaurants. We look forward to your enquiry!

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