Charging solutions for diy stores

Charging solutions for DIY stores

KOSTAL Charging Solutions is a specialist for charging solutions in the B2B sector. The services range from consulting to the preparation of specifications as well as production according to specifications to the highly customizable wallbox in form and function. Thanks to our closely networked divisions of Automotive Electrics, Solar Electrics and Charging Solutions, we can offer you expert know-how that has grown over many decades. With nearly 20,000 employees and a 110-year track record, you can count on receiving the highest quality made in Germany. We supply all market-specific areas: home, work, retail and fleet. We implement your visions individually: Perhaps you have an iconic object in mind that perfectly symbolizes your DIY store? Why not produce a wallbox in this form, with your logo and in your desired color? You also determine the technical features. Whether bidirectional charging or unidirectional charging, whether a certain set of interfaces and other functions: You direct, we implement.

Wallboxes: Added value for your customers - and for you

The electromobile transformation opens up new opportunities for DIY stores, which in many respects make an investment in charging stations and a charging infrastructure worthwhile. After all, various advantages arise with different interests. With charging for customers, you benefit from longer dwell times in the DIY store, so an installed charging infrastructure can lead to higher sales: shopping and, quite incidentally, refueling the car electrically. If the wallbox is bidirectional, a further customer-oriented advantage unfolds. In this case, the visitor's vehicle can also feed electricity back into the company's own network via the wallbox and receives remuneration for this, which can be charged directly when paying at the checkout. This increases the capacity of the company's own electricity resources and thus creates greater independence from grid power. Customers thus pay less money for their goods and the DIY store receives more cost-effective regenerative electricity for its own consumption. 

At the same time, employees and the company benefit from a charging station infrastructure for their vehicles. Your team thus has the option of conveniently and cost-effectively refueling vehicles from your electricity capacities while on the job. Or provide vehicle power for operations and receive benefits in return.

Further advantages of the charging solution for DIY stores

Do you have your own fleet of e-cars? In this case, too, economic benefits arise with a charging station infrastructure: During idle times, you have the option of refueling prioritized vehicles from the batteries of other unused cars without requiring fresh power capacity. In the course of bidirectional wallbox use, electricity available in the vehicles can be used profitably in two ways: either return the electricity to the public grid and receive a fee for it, or feed the electricity into the company's own grid and thus cover the company's own needs. This leads to an effective use of the available electricity capacities. When involved in a larger overall framework through its own electricity-producing solar plant and other renewable generators, this increases the company's electricity self-sufficiency while significantly reducing costs. 

KOSTAL is your reliable partner here. A cleverly designed high-performance wallbox infrastructure including smart and transparent management, from performance recording and system operation to precise billing: We implement your requirements in a custom-fit and individual manner.

In planning and consulting, the service of KOSTAL Charging Solutions is comprehensive and individual. We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise you.

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