Charging solutions for charging point operators

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops and produces individual charging solutions for charging point operators as well as for the home, fleet, retail and home sectors in general. In the process, KOSTAL implements your specific requirements in a sophisticated manner in terms of performance, equipment and design. KOSTAL Charging Solutions brings together all the experience and excellence of the automotive and photovoltaic sectors. The KOSTAL Group is also home to KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik and KOSTAL Solar Electric with decades of experience. 

Great future opportunities for charging point operators

The electromobile transition poses challenges for charging point operators, which bring with them great economic efficiency thanks to high-performance high technology and smart, systematic charging infrastructure. It requires differently configured e-charging solutions for the various locations and billing-compliant metering and billing.

Properties with open spaces, underground car parks or multi-storey car parks are gaining fresh potential within this sustainability drive and creating new revenue opportunities. These charging locations thus become sought-after locations that continually generate new clientele through rankings in listing and navigation apps. After all, e-car drivers are constantly on the lookout for convenient charging points.

The good reasons for investing in charging point stations are obvious: government support through the greenhouse gas reduction quota increases operator revenues, the commodity electricity can be purchased as cheaply as possible or even produced regeneratively and cost-effectively by the operator himself, while electricity refuelling by customers takes place at the usual market prices. The clientele is heterogeneous, e.g. walk-in customers who like to charge quickly and drive on, and regular customers who use the same charging points again and again, who like to refuel their e-vehicles with electricity quickly or in "normal charging cycles".

Bidirectional charging solutions for charging point operators

In addition to unidirectional wallboxes, we offer customisable bidirectional wallboxes. Here, the direct current supplied by the vehicle is converted back into alternating current (AC). Thus, bidirectional charging enables both Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G), in which electricity is fed into the public grid, and Vehicle-2-Home (V2H), so that remaining energy is returned to your grid. With the V2G variant, it is thus conceivable to create a monetary incentive for customers. And you could also profit from selling electricity.

Our DC Wallbox

It enables optimised self-consumption, offers intelligent charging ("smart charging") and "peak shaving" with local storage. Also possible: the redispatch application for the energy supplier. It also has the capability of reactive power compensation, i.e. the reduction or targeted control of reactive power in a power grid. Reactive currents occur in AC and three-phase networks and must be avoided. We also offer numerous communication interfaces and protocols. These include LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485 as well as ISO15118, DIN70121, EEBus and more.

Our AC wallbox

Our AC wallbox can also be equipped with the interfaces and protocols mentioned above. It also offers intelligent charging, energy measurement for the perfect charging strategy and for compliant billing of charging processes.

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers charging solutions for charging point operators that are specially adapted to the respective needs. On request, we can manufacture the wallbox for you as a white label solution with a company logo, the company-specific CI colours and a customised housing design. You also have the choice of functions and only pay for what you really need.

We will advise you without obligation and, if desired, accompany you throughout the project. We also manufacture according to your specifications or draw up specifications for you. Thanks to our many years of experience in the automotive sector, this is no problem for us. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation.

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