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Charging solutions for car rental companies

KOSTAL Charging Solutions develops customised charging solutions for car rental companies and the home, fleet, retail and work sectors in general. We meet your customer-specific requirements for performance, equipment and design. In addition to the individual design and selection of desired functions, we are happy to advise you, if desired, and either manufacture according to your specifications or create them for you. 

E-mobility and opportunities for car rental companies 

The electromobile change is essential for the rental business. By converting their fleet to a fleet of electric vehicles and hybrid models, car rental companies are opening up a sustainable future and, thanks to an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure, new revenue opportunities. This is because smart charging management keeps the downtimes of the fleet to a minimum. And this with the highest possible utilisation.

Various parameters play a role here, which KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers optimised. KOSTAL develops individual charging solutions for car rental companies on behalf of customers for efficient charging. Our wallboxes cap peak loads and measure the energy for an optimal charging strategy. 
KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers the perfect answer for a successful start in the electromobile rental business: a customised charging solution that meets these individual requirements.

A charging solution for car rental companies also offers convenient advantages for your customers. For example, they save themselves a trip to the filling station before returning the vehicle, because the vehicle can be conveniently charged on your premises. You decide how and to what extent this is charged. Either way, our wallboxes offer you billing-compliant metering and billing.

Bidirectional charging solutions for car rental companies

Bidirectional wallboxes allow energy to be fed back from the vehicle. This gives you maximum flexibility in using the available energy and, for example, you can feed energy back into your building if desired. Or you can feed it into the grid, thereby earning money and recharging the vehicle the next day. 

Of course, KOSTAL Charging Solutions offers specially configured wallboxes that match your company's branding on request: be it in terms of colour or shape. 

When it comes to planning, consulting and realisation, the service from KOSTAL Charging Solutions is as comprehensive as it is individual. On your behalf, we develop your individual charging solution for your business model. We look forward to your enquiry!

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